USA Real Estate Holding Company’s strategy is to identify and target acquisitions of undervalued real estate properties, FinTech companies and emerging Bitcoin & Blockchain related technologies. For investors, USTC provides a diversified lower risk to protect and safely enhance their investment by continually adding assets and holdings. USTC is led by strong and talented roster of executives and advisors providing expert acquisition, market guidance and added value for subsidiaries and investors.
USTC incubates new and existing companies as subsidiaries, including creating world-class personnel teams and the best go-to-market strategies, as well as providing growth capital. Once viable, the subsidiary is spun-off to the independent contractors instrumental in its operation and expansion, as well as to the shareholder base of USTC.
During incubation, progress throughout every phase of the company’s development is released to the public and to investors. This consistent communication to the public and enhanced visibility in the market under the USTC Corporate stock symbol builds a foundation for the company with not only retail and institutional investors, many of whom will be interested in ownership equity in the company once it’s spun-off, but also customers and/or partners whom will want to buy the company’s products and/or services resulting in increased sales and earnings.